About Strings

When his son’s game causes him to stumble upon the truth, Dean realises their relationship can never be the same again.

Dean and Luke are best friends and they adore each other. The fact that Dean is Luke’s dad rarely comes into it. He looks up to him and enjoys the banter they have between them.

Whatever Dean does for a living it involves him driving between various out-of-the-way locations around the town where they live. While Dean tends to business, Luke waits in the car. Luke doesn’t know what it is he does exactly so the natural thing for his curious mind is to fantasize and wonder.

So when he finds a pamphlet in the ashtray of Dean’s car from a spy exhibition they visited a few weeks before he starts to think: maybe his dad is a spy. All the clues are there – strange locations, always on the move, and coy responses from his dad whenever he asks what he actually does.

When a gust of wind blows one of his toys down the street Luke leaves the safety of the car to retrieve it. Embarking on his very own spy mission, Luke sees Dean chatting to a stranger and he begins a journey that leads him to discover the awkward truth about his dad.

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Strings is backed and part funded by Film London, the BFI and Creative England. For more information on their catalogue visit this page

En Francais

Quand un jeu de Luke lui fait découvrir la verité, Dean se rend compte que leur relation ne sera plus jamais la même.

Dean et Luke sont les meilleurs amis du monde et il s’adorent, plus qu’ils ne sont père et fils. Luke admire beaucoup son père et ils aiment tout les deux la complicité qui existe entre eux.

Les affaires de Dean l’amènent à se rendre dans des lieux isolés autour de leur ville. Pendant que Dean est en visite, Luke reste dans la voiture. Ne sachant pas ce que son père fait exactement, il se pose des questions et laisse vagabonder son imagination.

Alors quand il trouve dans le vide-poche de la voiture, une publicité pour une exposition sur l’espionage, à la quelle ils sont allés tous deux quelques semaines auparavant, il commence à penser que son père est peut-être un espion. Tous les indices sont présents, emplacements isolés, déplacements fréquents, et les réponses évasives de son père quand Luke lui demande ce qu’il fait comme metier.

Quand un coup de vent emporte un de ses jouets au bout de la rue, Luke quitte le cocon protecteur qu’est la voiture de son père pour le ramasser. Alors quand il voit son père parler avec un étranger, Luke se lance dans sa propre mission d’espionage et il embarque dans une aventure qui le conduira à découvrir la verité dérangeant qui entoure son père.

Realisé par Richard Turley, directeur nominé de BAFTA et Ruth Wright producteur.

French subtitles are available on request.

The Team



An internationally award-winning, BAFTA-nominated multi-genre Director, Richard has more than a decade of experience in broadcast television and more recently, film. His work to date has largely been factual or drama-documentary though increasingly he is turning his focus to narrative drama.

For Richard story is key, and he has a passion for bringing great tales to screen whether through real life testimony or dramatic interpretation. ‘Strings’ is his first solo writing project.

In 2012 Richard produced his debut independent short film ‘Darklight’ with backing from Film London. Directed and co-written by Richard the resulting film shines with imagination and charm that look set to become his hallmark as a director. Described as ‘a constantly surprising tale… that leads you eager for a sequel’ ‘Darklight’ went on to be long-listed for a BAFTA in 2013.

Richard’s website can be found here.




Ruth is a successful freelance Producer who has developed and delivered popular factual series for major UK and international broadcasters. These include three one-hour “Crimewatch” specials for BBC 1 and primetime documentary series for Channel 4, Discovery and National Geographic.

Ruth has a strong track record in developing factual series, having negotiated exclusive access to interviewees around the World. In 2012 Ruth developed the ninth series of National Geographic’s longest-running series “Locked Up Abroad.” It went on to win ‘Best Show or Series – Documentary – Historical/Political’ in the prestigious CableFAX awards.

Originally trained in broadcast journalism, attention to detail and determination are particular strengths. As a Producer, she prioritises creative vision while balancing budgets, schedules and commissioner demands. Her work has been described as “truly amazing.”

Ruth sees the Producer’s role in creating a pleasant working environment as crucial. Establishing strong and productive working relationships comes naturally and an Executive Producer from a recent shoot described Ruth as “organised, professional, consistent with everyone and a laugh.”

When not making factual television series, Ruth works on commercials and personal projects. Her ambition is to use the skills she has gained in television to make narrative dramas, which have gripping storytelling and compelling characters at their heart.


Eben Headshot


Eben is a rising talent in cinematography who has built his career creating a wide range of evocative, challenging and diverse narrative films.

Eben has completed no less than 14 features over the past three years, including ‘Greyhawk’, nominated for the Michael Powell Award at Edinburgh International Film Festival 2014, and best cinematography at the East End Film Festival 2014.

Eben recently wrapped on ‘The Hoarder’ starring Mischa Barton and Robert Knepper, directed by Matt Winn, and ‘Chicken’ starring Yasmin Page (Submarine), directed by Joe Stephenson.

Eben also recently shot the short film ‘Columbite Tantalite’ for director Chiwetel Ejiofor (12 Years a Slave) which won best narrative short at the acclaimed Webby Awards 2014, and the multi award-winning ‘THE BODY’ starring Alfie Allen, directed by Paul Davis, which after playing at Tribeca and winning best short film at Sitges 2013 led to Eben’s first featured article in the prestigious American Cinematographer Magazine, and being selected as ‘One to Watch’ by MovieScope Magazine.

Eben’s website can be found here.


Jim Headshot


Jim is a skilled documentary and fiction editor who has been selected to be part of BAFTA Crew – an initiative to develop 100 ‘stars of tomorrow’ – for the last two years running.

In the ten years since he began editing, Jim has demonstrated his skill in the cutting room on countless programmes for leading broadcasters including the BBC, ITV and Discovery. Jim’s fiction work has screened at many renowned international film festivals, including New York, Edinburgh, Raindance and Rhode Island. His ambition is to build on this success and move into cutting features.

Jim’s website can be found here.